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On March 1, 2018 Air Manas Air Company was registered in IATA as IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) certified airline. This event was an act of acknowledgment of Air Manas’s high standards in safety, which meet the strictest and most advanced requirements. Nowadays only 423 out of more than 6000 airlines are included in IOSA register all over the world.

As Air Manas General Director Mr. Talgat Nurbaev says, ‘Completing the process of international IOSA audit testifies the company’s high level of development; and of course, is an indicator of aviation security and flight safety. International acknowledgement of company’s safe practices ensures absolutely different status for air carrier on both domestic and international markets. Not all airlines are able to complete IOSA audit, because it is quite long, difficult and costly process. It is a real test of strength, team cohesion, seriousness and long-term intentions, as well as a responsible commitment to continue to maintain a given high level of safety, not by chance, but constantly. Because audit is not a one-time action, it needs to be held every two years.’

International acknowledgement of the air carrier greatly simplifies integration with other airlines and aviation structures. There is an opportunity to conclude code-sharing and interline agreements with almost all airlines in the world. Also, IOSA certificate means affordable leasing for airlines, and this in turn affects the increase in the fleet of aircraft, the possibility of its replenishment with the most modern aircraft. Expanding the geography of flights and increasing the frequency of flights is a logical continuation of such changes. Moreover, taking in consideration the low-cost concept that Air Manas adheres to, it is safe to say that flights will become even more affordable.

Because flying is the right of everyone!

Air Manas Pegasus Airlines
Air Manas Pegasus Airlines