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Заинтересованные соискатели должны выслать свое резюме с указанием названия позиции до 09:00 22 Июня 2017 г.(по местному времени).
Резюме необходимо высылать на hr@airmanas.com

"Менеджер по безопасности полетов"

-Introduction to Quality Management System and ISO 9001 standard
-Internal Auditor
-Aviation Safety Management System, including Risk Management
-Aviation Security Awareness
-Accident Incident Investigation and Risk Management trainings

-University degree or vocational school diploma in avation;
-Fluent English language proficiency; Experience in safety management system not less than 3 years;
-Experience in aviation industry not less than 10 years;
-Have a good knowledge of Kyrgyz CAA rules and regulations, as well as ICAO regulations and industrial best practices;
-Full-time experience in aviation safety in the capacity of an aviation safety investigator, safety/quality manager or safety risk manager;
-Experience and qualifications in conducting safety/quality audits and inspectionsОбязанности:
-The safety manager is responsible to the General Manager for providing guidance and direction for the planning, implementation and operation of the organization’s safety management system (SMS). He is also the main point of contact with the Kyrgyz CAA by safety issues;
-Demonstrates an excellent safety behaviour and attitude, follows regulatory practices and rules, recognizes and reports hazards and promotes effective safety reporting
-Provides assistance to all departments in the continuous improvement of the hazardidentification and safety risk assessmentschemes and the organization’s SMS
-Provides an information flow to bring safetyissues to the attention of management anddeliver safety information to the organization’sstaff, contractors and external organisations
-Administering any safety
-related surveys
-Ensuring that risk assessments are conductedwhen applicable
-Responsible for the development,implementation and maintenance of thecompany Emergency Response Plan
-Ensures the safety documentation reflects thecurrent situation and providing independentadvice to the General Manager, seniormanagers and other personnel on safetyrelatedmatters
-Conducting safety audits of any aspects of theoperation, according to QAP and Audit Plan
-Responsibilities for ensuring aviation securityfunctions within the department are performedand in accordance with applicable regulationsand Air Manas standards

Условия работы:
-employment according to the Kyrgyz Labor Code
-readiness to travel abroad (holding international passport)

Air Manas Pegasus Airlines
Air Manas Pegasus Airlines